Last week, the game Mars was announced by the Prime Minister as the answer to his biggest crises. Mars went viral and every person downloaded and played it daily. They didn't care about saving the Prime Minister. They just wanted to level up as high as they could. All but three people were leveling up according to the Prime Minister's liking. Those three needed a correction, so he sent a message to them and assembled them together for a meeting.

Unfortunately, the meeting was stalled due to an attack from those creatures, human-like and yet lacking any human sentimentality. There were two guys and one girl, Liam, Pablo, and Sandy, but only Pablo and Sandy stuck together. They drove away in a special car that can travel through time and escaped to Sandy's parent's house. Sandy's daughter and son had snuck in the car with them and they were all together and safe.

The problem was the car's time travel ability was broken and those creatures were still looking for them. All of it was connected. The connection down, the Prime Minister, his problem, and the creatures, all of it was connected and it all hinged on the game.

Sandy laid out the situation. "The fate of the world is at stake, and right now we have two choices if we're going to survive. We can level up or fix the time travel ability in that car and escape into the future. Those are our only two options and you bet I'm going to make one or both of them work, with or without your help."

Pablo stared around in disbelief like he was trying to solve an impossible riddle. It all sounded crazy, but maybe it was all true. Maybe everything would have been fine if the three of them had played and leveled up like they were supposed to. Could the whole world be falling apart because of them?

"Leveled up again!" Sandy's son screamed out.

Sandy and Pablo stared at him and then to each other. Pablo took out his Personal Interface and scrolled through his programs. It was there, waiting to be opened. Mars. He tapped it open and watched as the introduction unfolded before him. This was it. Time to play.

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