My Journey Through Taiwan

I forgot how to dream.

As a child, I loved playing hundreds of silly styled games.

Having fun with school friends with fantasy-filled themes.

Dragons and flames, and joining sports teams.

After I hit a certain age, I realized I was never the same.

My life flipped open a new page and brought with it a double-sided frame.

On one side, I was hoping to travel to far-reaching places mirroring those games of death-defying chases.

On the other, I wanted to make a difference.

I believe my life is more than just preference.

There's strife, yes, but it's also priceless knowing our Lord Jesus Christ and the blood of his sacrifice.

But I got lost along the way.

They didn't respond how I imagined they would, how I thought they should and then I knew, I'd forgotten how to pray.

I surrendered everything.

I found my way and I thought it would get brighter after that, but it was only the birth of a new fight after that.

An enemy crept in, attacking my worth, my might, and covering my light.

God's passion, my passion working in tandem, slayed the phantom, reminding me when I was a child.

I was exposed, no longer closed to the world.

I heard the voice that creates beauty and life and I had a choice to make.

I gave away the freedom that He gave me, the very thing, the key, that saved me.

With the fate of the world at stake, the defeated dragon still hissing about those three nails pierced in a stakemenacing and prowling around like Our Lord isn't risen, crawling around, growling and threatening.

There's still a fight left to be fought, a sequel left to write.

And through all the pain that's been wrought, to stand firm as one who's been bought.

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