Scars Can Heal

Childhood is like one shotgun shell to the chest.

We get hit by multiple bullets and we're wounded and hurting when we go to school. Those wounds create fear that paralyzes us, preventing us from being our true selves. Then we take even more wounds all the way through school until we're adults.

At this point, the bleeding stops, but the wounds have merely scarred over. The pain is still there, escaping at the mention or reminder of key words that warp us to the past and put us in those situations again.

We try to hide these wounds as best we can. We ignore them and deny them. We evade them and believe they're gone because we escaped the situation, but they don't leave, like scars imprinted, refusing to disappear.

There are two kinds of healing we need. The first is from negative words that have been tangled up with our destiny. We have to receive healing here so that the pain, mistrust, and fear can be uprooted from our hearts and we can live freely as ourselves.

The second is from positive words meant to bring joy and life, but are void of them or bring the opposite instead. Here too, we need to receive healing. These concepts must be restored for us to live joyful and healthy lives.

Each word acts as an image connected to our past experiences and each one must be brought before God and His Spirit must penetrate that area in our hearts and minds to break the hold of negativity in us and restore the blessings and promises meant for us.

Think of a word and say it out loud.


What is your initial reaction when you hear it? It's that half a second before your mind automatically shuts that feeling down that you need to bring before God. That initial feeling will tell you if you need healing in that area from a past experience you may have forgotten.

Think of and say positive words as well as negative ones.


What is your initial reaction? Do you need the blessing linked to this word restored in your heart and mind? Pray over each word and ask the Spirit to come, breaking the hold of fear in you and restoring the promise of blessing so you can live a full and fruitful and healthy life in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.

You dive deep inside your soul saying, "Heal the negative words and restore the positive words" and this opens the door to your soul where you can ask the Holy Spirit to fall on you and bring new life and hope and purpose in the name and power of the Lord Jesus Christ and the perfect, pleasing will of God the Father.

Scars can heal.

Receive it.

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