Breaking Point

We all have a breaking point.

When I'm encouraging my student to do better, participate, or behave well, it feels like my students are really tough and unchangeable. They may resist answering a question, speaking louder, or submitting to the rules, but there will always be something I can say or do to make them listen or obey. It's called their breaking point.

A breaking point may be seen in an unwilling display to simply please the teacher or it can be in an emotional breakdown in tears. A breaking point resulting in tears usually brings fruit and a closer relationship to the student.

First, though, they have to get fed up with your standard and give up completely.

As a teacher, you must re-explain your standard for that student and the reason behind it. You show them how it's done and then lead them through it. They've had enough of fighting you and would rather submit and be led than continue expending energy on a losing task.

Every student has a breaking point. There may be a burst of anger or frustration, but when it leads to those tears, then you know you're getting somewhere. An unteachable student has just become teachable. Now, they are ready to learn, improve, and understand why you teach the way you do.

Everyone has a breaking point. When one thing goes wrong, you probably won't get affected much. It may take five or ten or more things going wrong before you reach your breaking point, but eventually, you will get fed up. When that time comes, you will inevitably feel one thing in particular. Despair.

You want to give up.

You want to give in to the problem and let it continue as a problem as long as you don't have to think about it any longer. The problem has the potential to take over, but if it's just a problem, then of course it doesn't possess the ability to do so. If there is a person or spirit behind it, though, then giving up means you allow that spirit to lead you, even if you may not be fully aware of what is happening.

There are too many people who succumbed to their breaking point because of a spirit of depression, anger, fear, doubt, sickness, disease, apathy, etc. When someone gives into this kind of spirit, they become teachable and the doctrines of that spirit pervade the mind, body and soul.

Every spirit has a breaking point. You are not a defenseless bystander to the attacks you receive. You have within you a certain amount of strength to fight back. Some may be able to use their own willpower to fight these spirits off, but there will always be a spirit that's stronger than you are. If you keep tracing the hierarchy, it will lead you all the way to the top.

The LORD has no breaking point.

When you give your life to the living Christ and He re-creates you into a new creation and puts His Spirit in you, you instantly move directly to the top of the pecking order. In Christ, there is no spirit who can bully you or instruct you with false doctrines. In Christ, you have the authority over every spirit and it is you who leads spirits to their breaking points, not the other way around.

If you're being oppressed in your mind, soul or body, keep fighting. He who is in you is stronger than the spirit oppressing you. Keep fighting. That thing has a breaking point. Don't give in. It will breakdown in tears and then it's your turn to command it to leave. This is the secret of spiritual warfare. It's knowing there is no enemy who can stand against you because all authority in heaven and on Earth has been given to Jesus and Jesus lives in you.

So Fight on! Fight until you find the breaking point of every enemy attacking you. Fight until you are living the life you were purchased to live. You are a new creation and the Spirit of the LORD lives in you. As it is written:

Romans 8:31 If God is for us, who can be against us?

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