How to be in Peace

When we're around other people in a public place, it's not simply two or more people standing together. There's a connection to everyone we share presence with in a deep, yet invisible way. The more in tune we are with our emotions and surroundings, the more we will feel others.

You become united with them. If you are in agreement with someone, it will be a positive experience and you will feel emotionally and relationally charged. But if it's negative, then the opposite is true. It will create hostility and anxiety in you. We are connected to everyone in our surroundings.

When we walk away from the crowd, it feels like pulling a plug from an electrical socket. You lose whatever energy those people were giving off. This will be good if the relationship is negative, but if positive, then it will be a little painful. It will be sad, even if you know you will see them soon.

We need others. It's not good to be alone. Our social needs are only met in society with others.

It's not someone particular that we must connect to in order to be charged, we just need someone, except in cases of sacrifice where you have to pray or when you need personal space, which differs from person to person. Some people tend to give away more energy and others tend to take more energy, but regardless of personality, we all give and take energy from each other.

There are different ways to receive your social and relational needs. Some people can charge just from reading what others wrote or watching others in a video. Others must feed from direct contact friendships. The point is we are more bonded than we realize and each person must be well fed socially and emotionally to function smoothly.

You and the one you're connected to must be plugged into the greater plan of God or your connection will be negative and without purpose. Feeling socially and emotionally charged is ultimately about finding peace and finding purpose in your life.

To be at peace in the broadest sense of the word, I found I need three needs to be met. I need a familiarity with my own body, soul and spirit, a familiarity with at least one other like-minded person around me, and a familiarity with my purpose and direction.

When you're in an unfamiliar place or with unfamiliar people, you will feel a certain level of restlessness or lack of peace. It's when we can first be comfortable in our body, soul and spirit and also comfortable with others that we feel peace.

Being comfortable with yourself is about being forgiven and connected to the Creator who made and loves you. Don't believe blindly and don't be easily swayed from the truth. Being comfortable with others is about forgiving and sharing all of yourselves with each other.

Finally, you must be connected to a greater purpose and destiny to have peace. It's through this greater mission of reaching the poor and lost that we love God and each other. The mission is love because God is love.

Romans 12:18 Do everything possible on your part to live in peace with everybody.

We love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, love our neighbors as ourselves, and make disciples of all nations.

If you're in a setting with these ingredients that you think should bring you peace and yet you feel an absence of peace, you have to check these three familiarity factors.

Is everything right in your own soul, body and spirit?

Are you congruent with those around you?

Are you progressing forward in your ultimate purpose?

Answering these questions will help reveal the root cause of your lack of peace.

Obtaining that peace may require heart or habit changes, proclamation of truth, and/or physically moving to a new setting. Whatever it takes, examine what it costs and then follow through. Jesus came in order to bring peace. He tore down the wall of hostility between Jew and Gentile, freed us from the power of darkness and our sins, and brought peace with God.

When we're connected to each other in a positive way, it energizes us and sets our minds on our greater purpose. Our mission is to usher in the peace of God in this world, bringing us unity with Creator and creation. We are at peace when we believe and come into the love of the Father.

When the world comes into the same revelation, they will connect into the body of Christ and we will be at peace with one another.

John 16:33 I have told you this so that you will have peace by being united to me.

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