The Master Worker And His Masterpiece

He finished the masterpiece after six straight days of non-stop working, and then sat down in wonder at what he just made. The next day he would simply rest, admiring what he made and waiting to see what would happen.

Within the masterpiece were colors and creatures, beautiful lands and a self-governing will infusing every aspect. It's the master worker who sees to the continual existence of the masterpiece, but each part thereof has the rights and will to become and act.

Only one of the special creatures could talk because they were given a special wind within them. These talking creatures sought pride instead of joy, power instead of innocence, and they turned into ugly creatures.

They roamed through the masterpiece, plundering all that was beautiful and seeking for more to destroy. It was a wrathful jealousy that overtook them and everything that seemed more desirable than themselves was used and discarded.

All the talking creatures were so hideous, but the master worker was keeping his masterpiece in order. He wasn't afraid of being used or discarded. Those creatures had no power over him, so he chose one ugly creature and gave him a nudge, then spoke a special word to him.

That ugly creature's ears were opened to the master worker and he listened to what was said. It was an incredible thing to hear something beyond what you understand to be true. So that ugly creature became a special creature, and he immediately went forth into a special place.

Although a special creature, he was still an ugly creature, and he fell many times, but the master worker didn't give up. He had a masterpiece to save, which is of high priority to him. So he called each of the descendants of the special creature and his whole family line became special creatures, too.

This group of special creatures was not a perfect people, and they continued to be ugly and do ugly things. When they became absolutely ugly, the master worker was still there, breathing on the most pure among them to be a voice for the master worker, telling them how they ought to behave and also telling them that he was going to come to them.

These ugly creatures did not know it because they were ugly for so long, but they were beautiful at first because they reflected the work of the master worker. They were meant to be beautiful and also connected to the master worker through their ability to speak. When the master worker came, he wanted to relate to them as the special people he chose.

A few of the creatures listened to the special people with the special wind, but most ignored or insulted them. It took a long time before they understood they were supposed to be different, and at one time, most of the special people were relocated to rekindle their desire for the master worker's beauty again.

Finally, the special people came to a place that the master worker was ready to act in. It wasn't because they listened to the special people with the special wind. Actually, they rejected all of them. It was the relocation and continual action of the master worker that brought them to this point.

In a time when the special people were still ugly and yet were also different, the master worker jumped right into the masterpiece as if he was one of the special people himself. It wasn't jumping in like you would think because the master worker was still there looking at the masterpiece, but he could now see himself inside of it. He could act within it now.

The master worker within the masterpiece was filled with the special wind of the master worker outside the masterpiece, and he told the people how they ought to behave and what things they needed to do to be beautiful again.

Those who knew how ugly they really were listened and loved the master worker in the masterpiece dearly, but the others thought they were beautiful, so they didn't change. They remained ugly. It was the rejection of these ugly special people that brought about the greatest darkness the masterpiece ever saw.

The master worker gave these ugly special people the power to do whatever they wished with the master worker within the masterpiece. And so they became jealous of his beauty and they did what they do to all beautiful things they saw.

The ugly special people used the master worker within the masterpiece and then discarded him. In the end, the master worker within the masterpiece was as ugly as the whole of the ugly people put together and he lay there without any wind left in him.

The ugly special people were satisfied, but they remained just as ugly as before. Using and discarding the beauty of the master worker within the masterpiece did nothing to help their own misfortune. For three days, everything was gloomy in the masterpiece. It seemed like it was the end of all the master worker had worked for.

But it wasn't. The master worker had a plan all along. He waited for that third day and then he breathed that wind right back into the master worker within the masterpiece and he miraculously arose and lived once again. It was all those special people who knew they were ugly and loved the master worker who got to see the master worker within the masterpiece live again.

When they looked on the master worker within the masterpiece, they noticed he was more beautiful than they ever remembered, and the more they looked at him, the more their faces were changed. All there ugliness was removed and they became as beautiful as the master worker himself.

They couldn't understand what had happened, so they asked the master worker within the masterpiece, and he told them it was because he took all their ugliness when he was used and discarded and came back again to give them back who they were meant to be. He gave them his beauty and thus transformed the special people who knew they were ugly into special beautiful people.

Finally, he told these special beautiful people not to forget about all the ugly special people or the other ugly people, but to tell them they too can receive the same exchange to become beautiful special people as they were meant to be. Last, he told them he was preparing an even greater masterpiece than the one they live in and when all is ready, they will live together in this new masterpiece forever.

He breathed once more that special wind within the special beautiful people and told them to go and bring the beauty lost since the beginning back into the masterpiece. He is the wind and he goes with them wherever they are. The masterpiece is changing again, but this time, it is becoming more beautiful.

The beauty inside the special beautiful people can never be used and discarded. Trust me, the master worker will make sure of it because he is the wind living within them. The wind goes forth, breathing life and beauty into every dark and ugly place, all to the glory and delight of the master worker.

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