A Handful of Turtles

A handful of turtles. Every one looks the same. The same color and shape. The same size and weight. Just pick one you like, they're all the same anyway. They'll live and die just the same. They'll eat the same food and grow all the same. In a handful of turtles, there's not one more special or unique.

And how afraid was I that the world is just like this. That everything can be reduced to a handful of turtles, all identical, only of value as long as they live. And when I look at the crowds, I wonder the same. Are we just a handful of people?

Am I just another code of DNA strung together? In the end, does any of it even matter? Can there be meaning to our sacrifices? Are there rewards for things done in secret?

It's not always easy to know what the right thing to do is. Most of the time, we feel most at peace when we follow the crowds. It's a fearful thing to find yourself alone somewhere, lost and helpless.

There's a temptation to just be a handful of turtles. Maybe it won't count for anything in the end, but we can find comfort in the here and now. It's a servant mentality. We're slaves to our circumstances, so we choose to live the best we can with what we have.

It wasn't the road Jesus walked on. Far from being just one of a handful of turtles, He was called a King from birth. His life fulfilled countless prophecies showing how unique and valuable His life is. He was filled with the Holy Ghost, blessing every tiny turtle He came across. His life spoke truth to the crowds.

You're valuable. Receive your healing.
You're chosen. Be free from evil.
You're blessed. Receive the good news.
You're forgiven. Receive the blood of the new covenant.
You're family. Enter into your rest.

What happened after a handful of turtles crossed paths with the savior King? The church. A group of wondering sheep without a shepherd transformed into an army equipped with authority, power, and boldness to overcome every kind of evil, even meaninglessness.

Maybe you're still wondering around like a lost sheep, like a handful of turtles, but you've been lied to. There is meaning in the cross of Christ. All who come are transformed into sons of the living God.

A handful of sons.
Everyone is precious to the Father.

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