The cross of the Son

The only One

The cross of the Son

The righteous One

The cross of the Son

The holy One

The sinless One

The beautiful One

Jesus Messiah Christ

The Bearer of good news

Repent and draw near for the Kingdom is at hand

He bowed down in the garden to pray

He stood before the threshold of eternity looking onto his destiny

Asking the Father about the garden of Eden

In the garden of Gethsemane

Jesus stood there between the two

Between two gardens

The second Adam

Seeking to undo the evil of the former with the suffering of the latter

He took the pain of Adam's curse

He became the curse


The just One

The innocent One

The shameless One

Lamb of God

King of kings

Lord of lords

Humbled as a man

Praying through bloodied sweat

Asking the Father if there might be another way

Let this cup pass from me

Father if there's another way let it be that way

It's too much to bear

The weight of the curse

And we feel it

We feel it everyday

We get used to it

Sometimes we welcome it

It comforts us

And then it wrecks us

Pain sin hurt heartache

The curse of the law

The sting of death

Who can bear just a portion of it

Who could bear the whole of it

Who could become it and bear the fullness of its wrath

Only the Son of God

The I AM

The Beginning and the End

The Word

The Bread of Life

The Living Water

The Resurrection and the Life

He that would die and yet never die

The Holy One of Israel

The Redeemer of the world

In the garden of Gethsemane He said those words that changed everything

Words that echoed through time

Words that forever took away all excuses and all delays


He said

Not My will but Your will be done

With betrayal on the way

Murder torture suffering rejection desolation isolation

Jesus said not My will but Yours be done

And we say we want to follow but will we follow through to the shedding of blood

Hebrews 12 4 In striving against sin ye have not yet resisted unto bloodshed

The curse of the garden of Eden is swept away in the sacrifice of the garden of Gethsemane

Cover yourself with His blood

Don't look back to the gardens

Look forward to the new heaven and new earth

Behold He is making all things new

Thank Him for the garden

Live in the Kingdom

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