The Concrete Wars


Garbage littering the streets.

Smog filling the air.

Cars and buses honking.

Not a tree or blade of grass in sight.

And not the slightest sign of a single person.

Everyone has disappeared, but the city still move along, just as busy, just as vibrant. The concrete landscape is filled with various species of structures, infrastructures, vehicles, metals, plastics, and trash.

They all move and grow, adapt and survive. The city works in harmony, expanding into more green territory, but refusing photosynthesis to invade beyond city borders.

A short while ago, the people were forced to leave in search of inhabitable environments. After they fled, the city was free to grow on its own. As it turns out, the structures were controlling the citizens, and not the other way around.

Who would choose to live in overcrowded spaces, broken-down and filthy? Who would choose to seek shelter indoors to find breathable air? Who would choose to uproot our sources of life to build lifeless cities that provide no essential necessities for survival?

The city has won, deceiving the masses and forcing them to flee, but they aren't finished yet. There's a planet to take over and it won't stop until every natural resource is used up.

The humans are still out there, though. They're waiting. They're debating. A battle is coming, and they have to make a choice. Will they unite together and fight? Will they take back the planet and a sustainable way of life? Will they end the tyranny of concrete?

The answer is obvious. They will choose to fight. There's no alternative.

Welcome to the Concrete Wars.

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