PengHu 澎湖

Being an islander for a week.

Life on the island.

Seafood. Beaches. Sun.

Newness becoming familiar.

Travel. Language. Culture.

Strangeness. Questions. Exhausted.

A new world opened up.

New friends. Lots of faces.

Discovering new ways of life.

Taking lots of pictures.

Putting your body through a rough beating to experience a rare beauty God created.

There's something totally unique about extended travel by yourself.

Surviving off a small bag of things and relying on everyone around you.

Lots of questions.

Always looking for opportunities to bless others.

Not just to pay back the help they gave, but to show them the hope that's in you.

And of course, sharing your testimony.

Your story.

Your life, perspective, values.

How long can you continue traveling?

My first year traveling, I was trying to go home after the first day.

The second year, it took a couple days before I was breaking down.

But this year, there are only moments when I miss home.

But when I talk to friends, I'm okay to keep going again.

I need others.

That's always going to be true.

But this is the longest vacation I've ever taken.

I'm tired, but I don't want to stop, because I know I'll be back at work again soon and wishing I was here.

I'll forget how tired I was and only remember all the good times I had here.

It's not over, but I feel it coming to a close.

What an amazing experience.

I'm so blessed to just see half of it.

And I've seen so much already.

Our God is so glorious. Awesome. Powerful. Life. Love. Hope.

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

God of love. Warrior. Alpha and Omega.

The God who chose me.


The world is full of wonders untold if we only step out beyond what we think is possible and walk into the unknown.

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