Are You Dirty?

When we use to have soccer games on rainy days, it was always a contest to see who could get the dirtiest. By the end of the game, we would all be covered with mud and we felt so proud looking in the mirror at home and seeing just how dirty we were. We would prolong taking a shower and washing it all off because it was just so awesome.

At one time in our lives, we just wanted to see how dirty we could get. We would show it off, even at school. Everyone would laugh and we would laugh with them.

At other times, we were dirty unintentionally. Have you ever worn a dirty shirt to junior high school? Maybe you accidentally picked the wrong shirt that morning, only later to realize your mistake when your friend loudly points it out to the watching world. It could only be a very small stain or dirt mark, but it's the most outrageous thing in the world to a junior high school student.

Everyone laughed just the same as they did during a muddy soccer game or when we were in elementary school, but we were no longer proud of it. We were ashamed. Our filth became an embarrassment. It degraded us and that same laughter became scars in our hearts.

After we got older, it got easier to stay clean, but the world is a filthy place and it's easy to get dirty. It became less about physical dirt and more about moral filth. We made wrong decisions, chased after the wrong girls or guys, ended up at the wrong party, or made the wrong kind of friends. We got labeled with what we did. We were dirty.

At this point, people stopped laughing at us. Instead, they spoke about it behind our backs. It became condemning and irreversible. Living in this world, it's almost impossible to stay clean and even those who are labeled clean on the outside have a lot of junk on the inside.

It's true. We were all dirty at some point and we are still living amongst a dirty people in a dirty world.

And then Jesus saved us, even when we were covered in mud and filth. God rescued us from every evil desire and action and cleaned us with such a deep cleaning that no mud could ever stick to us again. The blood of Jesus applied to us through the Word of God prevents anything unholy from sticking to us as long as we are connected to Him. We are cleansed, not by the washing of water, but by the purifying of blood.

And now we have to make a choice. Who are we? Are we dirty? Will we let others' thoughts, words, and judgments affect our value? Are we confident enough in ourselves to just be who we were created to become?

Only be labeled as filthy because you are in the dirtiest and darkest places that need the most light, and then stand firm in the Word of God that none of that filth can stick to you. All of it has been dealt with on the cross and now we stand even in the filth, dragging filthy sinners out of the mud and carrying them to the fount that makes us white as snow.

"Oh, Precious is the Flow,
That makes me White as Snow,
No other Fount I know,
Nothing but the Blood of Jesus."
-Nothing But The Blood

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