If It's Not Love, I Don't Want It

If it's not nervousness and butterflies, it's not worth it.

If it's not awkwardness and insecurity, it's not a risk.

It has to be love.

There is no other choice for me.

If it's not love, I don't want it.

Relationships are hard for everyone, but some people can find a partner so easily.

Others are more careful. They stay single longer. They are looking for something deeper.

It's that sparkle in her you can't describe. Without it, she's just a girl. It's a sparkle that blinds reason and rationale. A faint hope undying within you.

Is she the one?

If she's not, how can she bring me to my knees without saying a word?

If she's not, why is my every thought consumed by her?

If she's not, is it possible to recognize true love after all?

Is there such a thing as true love?

If there's not, what can I call that feeling that surpasses all judgment?

I don't care about the definition. When you find that feeling of ecstasy from the innocence of her charm, you just want more of her. You're willing to go the extra mile, sacrifice all time, give everything you have just to be with her again. That's what we call love, or being in love.

When you've tasted a glimpse of it, there's no possibility of choosing another way. Even if it means suffering alone for years and years, you'll wait for the one who makes the universe come back into harmony.

That's what it feels like, after all.

She makes your world spin and yet brings a peace to your soul that makes everything stop at the same time.

Young love.

Don't give it up.

It's more precious than your own self-satisfaction.

Push through another fight and get back to that place.

Love is like a merry-go-round. You'll always end up in the place you started as long as you don't get off the ride too early.

And if you already jumped off, just wait. It comes around again. She'll come around again. And this time you'll be sure. She's worth fighting for to the end.

No other girl could substitute for that one.

If it's not love, there's no choice.

I don't want it.

I'll keep waiting for the ride that takes my breath away.

I'll keep waiting for that one.

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