Years of misunderstanding and heart-ache.

Unresolved fights and dead-ends.

I've given up on this word so many times.

Why does something in me still call out?

Something telling me to write about it?

The topic we're all obsessed over and can never exhaust?


No matter how many broken hearts, I can never completely abandon it.

We need it.

It calls to us.

When we least expect it, it comes crashing upon us.

The power to change any situation in a moment.

The unexplainable drawing us into eternity.


The bitterness of age subdues its attraction.

We give up.

We lose sight of those original butterflies within us.

We assume it's a thing for the young.

We believe we've grown past the mistakes.

And then it breaks forth like the dawn.


We look back and know how silly we seemed.

Young love is blind.

Love without hurt is irrational.

We should be careful.

Love at a distance and don't go all in.

Don't let that emotion make you lose control again.


If we could go back we would.

We'd be smarter.

We wouldn't enter in so blindly.

We'd think about the future and the consequences.

Maybe we wouldn't have even started.

Better to have no experience that one leaving us broken.


After scars harden we have to make a choice.

Do we allow others to peel back tough wounds?

Or pretend like everything is alright?

Or run away at the first sign of romance?

Do we believe there is a healing that goes that deep?

Are we past the chance of being redeemed?


And then in the confusion and despair,

We find someone with that mystery reminding us again,

A time before the pain and heartache,

When we were willing to go all in,

To take a risk no matter the downfall,

Because we remember what the word means after all.

God is Love.

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