Surrender to Jesus

Surrender your life to Jesus.

Everything you have.

Give it all to the King of kings.

Jesus is Lord.

I can no longer compartmentalize my life into sections.

I refuse to be the hypocrite any longer.

I will not add Jesus onto my life.

I will not make Him a part of my life.

I will not divide circumstances that are and are not appropriate to speak about Him.

He is my everything.

In every situation.

At every time.

At every place.

No matter the cost.

I live for His glory.

I will not be ashamed of being His disciple.

He paid the price for me, laying down His life to give me new life.

As often as I can, I will speak the same topic over and over for the rest of my life.

I'm not half-in.

I'm surrendered.

All day, everyday.

Morning, afternoon, and night.

It's all Jesus.

There is no other name, no other words that could bring life and hope and resurrection power.

I speak forth the words of life.

What he says, I say.

What he does, I do.

My life is surrendered to Him.

And there is no greater joy.

There's no shame in Him.

He crowns me with honor.

He is above all names and at His name every knee will bow and every tongue confess.

Jesus is Lord.

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