The LORD trumps Science vs. Religion

Different religions have spoken for millennium explaining how we got the sun and stars, moon and Earth, and everything on it. Crafted stories bringing entertainment and wonder. The world of the gods interacting with our small lives.

And then around the 18th century, science made developments. Inventions were made to understand our world and give reliable answers to ancient questions. Science brought credibility and proof to the natural phenomenons, reducing them to equations and principles playing out through time. Finally the world had a unifying system for the answers of the cosmos, reducing religions to the emotional and cultural individual beliefs.

No other religion did what science has done. And it also promises to answer the questions still left unanswered. The origins of existence and eternity. In the quiet recesses of research to find answers to the complete picture of the universe, a voice continues to beckon out through all creation. A voice that never relented or gave in. The voice of eternity in a song, the truth of creation. In the surety of science and unreliability of religions, The LORD speaks.


In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

The simple statement still speaks louder than every other attempt at an answer to all who open their hearts to Someone greater than all created things. Without the need for a defense, He still stands confident above every theory. Jesus is Lord.

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