Make Your Dreams Come True

My project. My next big idea. My business plan. My book.

We all have something we're working on. A risk we're taking. Something to move us beyond our ordinary lives into a new level of success. Sometimes we just want to make a fortune, or be famous, or feel significant, so we put an enormous amount of time and money into a new idea and start off with high hopes it will finish strong.

We believe it will be our next big breakthrough. The defining moment in our lives. Our glory. But most people will never even finish it. Most people will give up before they even know if they would have succeeded or not. They will always have a regret sticking to them that won't let them go.

But a few people will finish what they started. They will complete the dream. The will see the end of their investments. And then some of those few will realize it didn't meet up to their expectations. They saw their idea through to completion, but it didn't give them the breakthrough they were hoping for.

At that point, they could turn to denial and believe they didn't get the recognition they thought they deserved because other people are too ignorant. Or maybe they'll just blame the big guys and assume that's just the way life is. Or maybe they'll just give up in despair and go back to what they knew best.

Finally, the few of the few will see their idea move to completion and then receive recognition and glory beyond what they imagined. They become successful and most people envy them, trying to be like them or trying to pull them down to their level to make themselves feel better about failing. Those are the dreams that come true. The happy endings, but only a few of the few will ever find them.

It is something so simple that prevents us from becoming one of those people. Faith. Even in the midst of failure and unmet expectations, you have to believe you were meant to fulfill a greater dream. You have to push past the negative feedback and learn from everything you will face - throw things out, pick things back up again, and keep going.

If you stop, you categorize yourself as the failure. Only you can truly do that. And only you can put yourself in the category of the few of the few who will fulfill their potential. Believe it will happen until you see it. One day, after all the confusion, hard-work, and desperation, you will understand what it takes to become one of those people.

You can choose to see your potential fulfilled.

You can choose to be vulnerable and learn from your failures.

You can choose to try again.

You can choose to make your dream come true.

Only believe!

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