Change me with your Love

If you believe in the best in me, I'll become the best for you.

If you honor the gifts in me, I'll use them for you.

If you trust my words, I'll see every one come to pass for you.

That's what love does. It sees me as if I never failed.

It empowers me to change, grow, and care.

It gives joy that satisfies soul and spirit.

We're all longing for it, desperate and willing to beg for it because we were made for it.

If God is love, then we should become it, too.

Let's love like the world is brimming with hope and our hearts are brimming with faith.

We can fulfill other people's destinies by loving them, seeing the best in them, and walking them into the life whose satisfaction and pleasure never, ever runs dry.

It's the love Jesus has for us.

A love you can experience.

A love you can see.

A love that sacrifices.

If the spirit of love lives in us, then what's stopping us?

The world is waiting.

Become the love that expels darkness and brings in the light of God's kingdom.

Choose to love someone today.

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