The Battle Within

The root problem of all of this is death.

You're still afraid of death and he knows it. So he's going to use every opportunity he can to attack you in your weakest area.

You want to save your people. You were destined for it. But you have an enemy standing in your way. And he has a very mean personality.

I'll give you your orders, Private, but I'll warn you, it will involve facing your deepest fear. Your people have been captured. They live in enemy territory, but that's not the hard part.

They've been brainwashed. All of them believe with their deepest convictions that they are free. They won't listen to you and they believe you. They'll feel like your enemy.

A false freedom is the most difficult bondage to break out of.

Private, look in my eyes. You're one of them.

You think you know what freedom is because you heard the truth, but let me tell you, until you've tasted true freedom yourself, you'll never know the difference.

I wish I could spend more time with you. Show you the truth. Set you free. But I can't. There's no more time left. So I'm sending you out unprepared and unready. I'm sending you to face your deepest fears and to set your people free from a bondage that you yourself are in.

It makes no sense. I know. If there was another way, trust me, I'd take it. But this is all I have. You're all I have now. The map is on the back of this letter. It will show you the way into Hades. If you're overtaken there, don't bother coming back. We already lost.

But if you find that freedom, the true freedom that makes every false sense of security flee from your mind, then keep going soldier. Find your people and deliver them out of their bondage.

There will be a war in enemy territory with your own people acting as enemy vessels. You're going to fight. I promised you would. Keep your sword guarded. You'll need it.

It's time to go, Private. Discover what it means to die and find your freedom. Your people are waiting.

I'll see you on the other side. May God fight for you.

Good-bye, Private.

~Lieutenant Colonel

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