Amazing Dream!!!

I was swimming towards a very small and peculiar island with three of my friends when a swarm of triceratops starting coming towards us. They were swimming so fast that they overtook us, swimming along side of us and yet not attacking us. I kept swimming alongside of them, shocked they weren't eating us until arriving on the island. I started sharing how ridiculous it was that we were swimming with dinosaurs in the water, but they just brushed it off. I was wondering if there were really dinosaurs there after all.

Before exploring the island, my friend gave me two ice cream cones, which were very sweet and delicious. I enjoyed them from the first to the last. Then she gave me a cookie, but I didn't have time to eat it because it was time to take a look at the island.

There was a large open pavilion built into the ground almost as a circular basement with a piano at the bottom of it with seats all around it. There were some kind of caves in the background. I had no idea what we were to do, but my friend was suddenly in a hurry and told our other friend to go and play the piano. I found out that they made reservations and the local people of the island were going to put on a show for us.

The locals were some type of aboriginal people who wore very little clothing, went around bare foot, and practiced religious ceremonies openly. We waited for them to start the show and suddenly a whole crowd was sitting all around the circular built-in pavilion. It was apparent that it was going to be a worship set, but it wasn't clear who was going to lead the preaching. Then the local leader told one of the tourists he was to lead as the Spirit gave him inspiration.

Out of nowhere, we were in the middle of the worship and local people started taking others off somewhere and transforming them. I couldn't understand how it was happening until someone told me they were vampires. I was confused until they told me they were good vampires and they were using the blood to transform them into new creations. I marveled at the scene.

I was sitting in a chair just watching everything when someone I couldn't see lifted the chair up and took me on my own away from the worship. I was led on a safari of the island, noticing the ground was mostly sand, rocks, and a few green plants scattered here and there. I could feel all of it against my bare feet. The ground was very squishy. The chair continued moving on and led me towards another group of tourists.

I sat next to a female tourist. I asked her about the chair and how it was moving. I couldn't see any strings anywhere and I didn't see the person moving it, unless they were directly behind me. She didn't know either and then her boyfriend came back to sit beside her chair. They both started complaining about the island and were whisked away before I could talk with them further.

The chair moved again, and at this point, it was like I was walking, except the chair was still pushing me along and leading the direction forward. I was led mysteriously to a large lake made of fire where a special ritual was taking place. The locals started shooting fireballs into the lake which started summoning a huge fire beast, but before it was summoned completely, it just exploded into a huge ball of fire and disappeared. I felt something special had happened.

Before I could think about it, the chair was moving again. The local people were preparing dinner for us. While they were preparing it, I was taken on another tour. I saw all the houses and local people and then I saw the most amazing display. There were little dinosaurs, only about knee-high, walking right through the island and a little girl was staring at them. I knew then that I really did see the triceratops when I was swimming and I knew for sure there really were still dinosaurs in the world.

Then I saw the temple and thought about the life of these people and how they survived. I knew the religious rituals were vital for fulfilling the people's needs who in turn provided for the leaders. I was thinking about how different their way of life was as I waited for dinner to be ready. That's when I woke up from the dream in a very pleasant state.

The whole dream was amazing and enthralling. It was like a very expensive interactive show and everything was so real. Even after waking, the dream still felt real and I really wasn't sure which world felt more real to me. I was thankful for the gift of the dream and immediately wrote it down. It was six o'clock in the morning.

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