Benefits from a 72 hour Fast

When the church is united and the priesthood of all believers is a reality, the masses will come!

Staying home in prayer isn't a waste of time. Nothing could be worth more than this.

Strongholds are breaking. Fear of running out of momentum, perfectionism, and lack of contentment are all broken in the empty stomach.

God is creating in me perfect peace. Not as the world gives, but as Jesus gives.

It feels like a chore when the flesh is fighting back. But when the flesh dies, it's all spirit.

We won't hear from God when the flesh is too loud!

It's not legalism when it's killing the flesh.

Full surrender to the God who made you brings contentment with just our most basic needs.

The root of your sin is the flesh. You don't need to kill the sin. Kill the flesh and the sin will die with it.

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