Forbidden Forest (A Novel Snapshot)

What he did was wrong.

He chose his side.

Now it's our time to fight back.

The Amazon forest lies in the heart of South America. It is the home of thousands and thousands of plant and animal species as well as tribal communities. It is the source of the world's natural resources and oxygen emissions. It is the largest rain forest in the world.

And it is on fire.

Controlling the Amazon rain forest is about wealth and power. Bruikio sought it out. Family or not, he tampered in something he shouldn't have. He challenged the royal leaders. He cut a deal with the world leaders. And then he undermined everyone by going to the one place that's forbidden.

Whatever he found in that section of forest has impacted the entire Amazon basin. The fire is not natural, as much as the world leaders are suggesting it is. They don't know about the forbidden trees in the lost city. Bruikio knew the danger. He knew it was tantamount to treason. And he acted anyway.

We have to leave now. He must find him and reverse what he did. But doing so means entering the same forbidden lands that he did. We will take the same risk. We will do it for the forest. We will do it for our people. And if the whole forest burns because of it, then we go down with it.

This is it.

We're all in.

To the heart of the forbidden forest.

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