Green (A Novel Snapshot)

Tommy stares out the window of his skyscraper apartment.

He looks down at the specks of green on the street below.

It's the rare time he gets to see green in his life.

He looks back up to the sky and imagines if it were green.

He doesn't know about the aurora light show with its green streaks splicing the sky.

Mostly he just knows the fake green painted across his classroom wall.

They can never compare with the green in his dreams.

The color of leaves, plants, stems and all kinds of trees.

He's trapped within walls, but he was meant for the dirt floor and endless skies.

All the progress that's been made and yet he just wants to go back to the simple forest life.

Every time he looks down from his skyscraper window, his heart breaks within him.

He re-imagines another world, one where nature takes precedence over concrete.

If only he knew what he would discover in the next year...

A secret gem that paints real green trees on concrete that grow into a dense jungle.

Tommy will change the world as we know it, but he won't be welcomed as a hero.

His teacher will become his greatest advocate, but when it's discovered the jungle can be manipulated to become the greatest weapon the world has ever seen, there will be a fight for the gem that can control everything.

Who will come out on top for the fight for the world?

Should the gem be destroyed permanently?

Will Tommy's teacher be his greatest ally or greatest foe?

Should Tommy give up on his dreams?

Or is it worth it to fight for a world of green?

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