One Woman ~ One Acorn (A Novel Snapshot)

Mary bent down and put the last seed into the ground. At only six years old, that was her first time planting anything in her whole life. She planted a whole row of oak trees with her mother standing beside her, teaching and training every step along the way.

Twenty years later, she stares at those same oak trees. She did that. She planted trees. She made a positive impact on the world.

Then suddenly, she gets a bizarre idea. She walks up to the last tree she planted, now standing six meters tall, and jumps up to grab the lowest branch. With all the strength she can gain, she pulls herself up and lays across the wobbly branch.

The tree branch bounces up and down, but instead of balancing itself out, it only gets more violent until Mary is thrown up towards the very top. Mary gets caught in the top branches and stares down at the ground in shock. Then she hears a voice.

"You planted thy tree at six years old and six meters high and now twenty years that has past shall all its seed be multiplied to thee."

The next thing happens too fast for Mary to comprehend it at all. She becomes one with the tree, wrapped up inside of it and it wrapped up inside of her. And then the tree vanishes without a trace of it left on the earth and Mary lays face down and breathless on the ground.

With a massive sneeze, she wakes up as a single acorn seed flies out of her mouth, landing in the grass in front of her. Mary stares at the acorn covered in her own saliva and looks around for where the oak tree has gone, but it isn't there. It isn't anywhere. It's in the acorn seed.

Mary sits up slowly and reaches out for the acorn, but hesitates slightly before picking it up to hold it in her hand. The power inside courses through her and she realizes this is not just an ordinary seed. The power of a twenty year old oak tree lays in her hand. The world remains just as broken and polluted all around her. And her destiny unfolds before her.

The power of a single acorn in the hand of a single woman.

Just imagine it.

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