Simple Living

It is so important that we live simple lives so that the world does not influence us so much that there is no difference between us as believers and unbelievers.

Simple living is also part of stewarding the creation God has gifted to us.

For several years, I have committed myself to a lifestyle that is as simple as possible.

Here are some areas that I found helpful in taking out the unnecessary complexities of life.


Ideal- grow your own foods and spices
Realistic- buy organic (at a local farmer's market if you can) but make sure you can track your food to check it's authentic (the easiest way is to scan the QR code on the package) and check to see all the ingredients are natural (no chemically processed foods)


Ideal- make your own soap, detergents, and perfumes
Realistic- buy products that claim all natural and check the ingredients to verify and as with diet, try to buy from local farmer's markets to get organic and safe products


Ideal- share as much as you can and live communally to cut unnecessary waste
Realistic- don't buy cheap since it will break quicker and be less efficient in the long run, thus costing you more money and building more waste (the same ingredients or components don't imply the same quality), so choose the more expensive product if it proves to be of higher quality (e.q. toothbrushes, pillows, towels)


Ideal- go off the grid and avoid phones, computers, and televisions
Realistic- give up television and minimize your technology to a computer (if necessary) and a tablet as a phone (having a tablet is bulky and awkward, thus it will force you to use your technology less often when you're outside)


Ideal- live within nature and surround yourself with trees
Realistic- go to the local plant nursery and ask for some easy to maintain plants with big leaves that will give off more oxygen (after you are successful with one, you can buy more and bring nature to your house)


Ideal- always go to sleep and wake up at the same time to create a natural rhythm for your body
Realistic- pay attention to your body for the kind of bed you need and consider buying 100% natural latex (no bacteria or mites, comfortable, and natural)


Ideal- a nice family with children who always obey
Realistic- spend time building relationships, put in effort and have patience (even if you're single, you can nurture friendly relationships) and train your children to obey the first time (if you allow them to have their way one time, they will always fight for it, so set your standard up front and stick to it)

These are seven areas I found to be useful for simple living.

May it bless you and take away unnecessary clutter from your life.

Finding a simple life will not be extravagant, but it will bring you something we all long for.


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