Are you in Love? Or out of Love?

Is love real?

I thought I was in love until the emotions wore off.

Then I was left in reality.

Is that what love is?

Love = Emotions?

Or was what I thought to be love not love at all?

Did I mistake the beauty of love for the fleeting of emotions?

I made the wrong choice, but what about now?

Does real love exist?

How will I know it even if I find it?

Will it feel like emotions?

Will there be an instant connection?

Will it be destiny?

Love at first sight?

Or the growing gnaw inside over many years until you realize you can never be without her?

If I find that kind of love, then I couldn't let a day go by that she wasn't mine.

For every day that she was separate from me would turn the sweetness of joy into the heaviness of burden.

No, if I find real love then I'll give anything for it.

That kind of love looks crazy to everyone else, but the surety between you is like a magnet that no one can get between.

I'll be embarrassed, drive for hours, meet her whole family, and pay any price.

I'll do anything for that one.

I'll do anything for real love.

I'll do anything for her.

If I find her, Lord, don't let her ever slip away from me.

And even so, let her find her way home.

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