Hiring Servants or Empowering Warriors

With any organization or movement, there should be a vision and goal and purpose.

No matter what the mission they seek to accomplish may be, they will need manpower to complete the task.

Many businesses and churches will create their own agenda in secret and then invite others to serve in their pre-made plan in exchange for a reward (usually monetary or relational).

They hire servants to join their cause and usher in success.

Some of these servants may feel exactly as the organization does and will work just as hard as the founders, but others will only put in the minimum effort until they complete their individual tasks.

The strongest leaders are those who crafted the vision and put all their resources into the mission.

These leaders will give their life for the work.

But what if everyone on the team had the same passion as those in the core leadership?

You would have an army of warriors that would stop at nothing to usher in success.

How can we empower those in our organization to be just as passionate as those in the core positions?

I believe it's about inviting them into the conversation happening in secret and expanding and adapting the vision to include more voices.

This could cause some splintering among the leaders, but that's okay as long as the unity is kept and support is given to multiple directions.

For example, there could be a church that wants to reach the local neighborhood, but including others into the vision will expand that vision to also reaching those living on the streets.

In this case, you can simply empower that leader to head up the ministry in that direction as others head up the ministry to local residents.

You will divide the manpower between goals, but each individual will work harder because it is their calling being lived out.

If that leader does not possess the skills or experience necessary for such a task, then help them set goals and make a timeline so they can work towards a future goal.

When we are willing to give up our own desires and dreams in sacrifice for the community around us, we can maintain unity while also fulfilling individual callings.

This is a dream and rarely practiced in real life, and although it is more difficult, I believe it is very possible.

Look beyond yourself.

Dream bigger.

Stop hiring servants.

Start empowering warriors.

And above all, maintain the unity of the movement.

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