I Believe In You

No one cares!


I know, but no one likes it.


Not even one person has told me to keep going.


If this is my gift, then why can't anyone recognize it?


It doesn't matter... It's not like I could make money from it anyway.


No one will take it even if it's for free.


Why would you want it?


You... believe... in me? Why?


You're willing to do that for me?


You want to pay that much for this?


Sorry, I can't...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Let me tell you why.

I can see what others can't.

The raw material placed in you by God only needs to be mixed with faith and it will blossom into glory without compare.

You are going to influence the world and your paintings are priceless.

You just have to keep walking forward on his path and you will find your destiny.

Even if all the world can't see it, you are seen by him.

Pick up your paintbrush and start painting.

Rich or poor, you are an artist.

But don't forget the one who gave you your talent.

Don't become proud.

It is only God's grace that empowers you to create beauty.

When everyone wants to meet you, then be ready to introduce them to the source of every good gift.

You are gifted because of him, even if the world can't see it yet.

Paint for his glory and no one else.

Do it all for the one who is love.

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