Teaching Tips~ Building Relationships

The most important aspect of teaching children is building intimate relationships.

Without relationship, you're an awkward stranger.

But after familiarity, you're like a parent and hopefully a friend.

Here are 5 tricks for building genuine relationships with your students.

1- Introduce Yourself

Tell your students (and show them) where you're from as well as some interesting things about yourself. Use your unique background to create wonder.

2- Remember their Names

Have your students introduce themselves and find out something they like and are interested in. When you take interest in their interests, they will take interest in you.

3- Make Eye Contact

You can tell what works and doesn't work in the classroom by what's written in your students' eyes. Make a mental record of the humor, games, and style and pace of class they like best and adjust accordingly. You can always tell you lost their attention by the look in their eyes. Pay attention to it!

4- Listen

Leave some space for your students to respond and also ask their opinions on different topics being taught or about different games you played. Let them have a chance to be the little teacher or share something they're interested in or a place they recently went to.

5- Feedback

Ask your students what they liked or didn't like about the content you taught and games you played. Ask them why they didn't like it and then learn from their unsophisticated feedback to create a better experience the next time you play.

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