The Good of the Church (Taiwan)

If you read the Bible while joining a church fellowship, you will undoubtedly have many issues with the inconsistency between what you read on the pages of scripture with what you see in church.

The amount of unscriptural practices and methods are frustrating because there are an overwhelming number of them.

It is easy to write about what's wrong with the church, but I don't want to do that here.

I want to ask myself a question.

What's right with the average modern church today (specifically in Taiwan)?

1~ Doctrine

The church as far as I know has maintained all the core beliefs of the faith and defended them well.

2~ Stance Against Idolatry

The church has clearly taught against ancestor worship and defined idol worship of this kind as sin.

3~ Unity

The church has been consistently having prayer meetings crossing the borders of church buildings and inviting different congregations to pray together.

4~ Defense of Marriage

The church has defended the clear definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman and clearly taught homosexual practices as sin.

5~ Inner Healing

The church uses a type of psychology to discover the root of your emotional and mental insecurities and uses prayer and the truth of scripture to heal broken hearts and minds.

6~ Discipleship

The church has established clear steps to progress in the faith by attending morning prayer, small groups, conferences, and eventually becoming a small group leader and then possibly a church leader/elder.

7~ Deliverance (charismatic churches)

The church is not afraid of demonic influences or possession, but proclaims the name of Jesus to cast out evil spirits and invite Holy Spirit to come.

8~ Evangelism

The church encourages members to invite friends and families to special events where food is served and a clear teaching of the gospel within their local context is presented.

9~ Fellowship

The church becomes your second family and provides space for close relationships.

10~ Freedom

The church maintains the freedom of each individual to worship and serve using their gift set.


That's my top ten list for what is right in the average modern Taiwanese church.

Did I miss anything?

Write a comment with more encouragements for the body of Christ here in Taiwan and around the world.

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