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Should the church grow upwards or outwards?

Most churches the world would consider successful are marked by their enormous buildings.

These churches often operate like business organizations with a few strong leaders at the top who manage a large congregation.

The more a church grows, the bigger buildings they tend to construct.

Christians are encouraged to help the church grow by inviting others into the services and existing infrastructure.

This traditional model is an upwards growth model.

But should churches grow upwards?

What if churches could grow outwards?

This type of model would require that growing churches continually plant new congregations in different areas.

Churches would pop up in a variety of different spaces where people are already meeting.

Examples include houses, restaurants, clubs, hotels, swimming pools, convenient stores, and parks.

There still must be elders initiated, leadership and spiritual gifts exercised, and organization in place to ensure a healthy body.

A lot more people would be required to step up into leadership positions and serve on a larger scale.

Without limiting location and budget, churches could be planted without the high overhead costs and also reach into areas a large structure couldn't reach.

What would an outwards growth model look like where you live?

After reading through Acts afresh, what do you say?

Should churches grow upwards or outwards?

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