Gay Marriage

Christians should distinguish between those who follow Jesus and those who do not.

Paul is clear in his first letter to the Corinthians that we should not judge those who are outside the church because God is the one who judges them.

Paul is also very clear that Christians should judge those who are inside the church and Jesus gives the proper order for correction. (*one on one confrontation followed by two or three and finally the entire assembly)

After all these steps are exhausted, then the final most loving decision is to disassociate from that person and refuse to even eat with them. This is so important because if you continue to allow them to fellowship with you as if there isn't a problem, then they will continue to be deceived until they meet the judgment of God.

Paul is clear in this same letter that those who practice homosexual acts will not inherit the kingdom of God. God's clear design was for one man and one woman to become united as one and have children to continue the legacy of their forefathers. This is full of God's promise and love that brings blessings to thousands of generations.

God's design is for one man and one woman to be united in marriage and only in that marriage to have sexual relations. Anything outside the loving plan of God is sinful and destructive. It is rebellion against God and ultimately has eternal consequences.

This is too clear in the scriptures to deny or compromise. It is an eternal issue. It is a matter of entering God's kingdom or being cast out. The most loving this for Christians to do is speak the truth in love so that our brothers may hear the truth, repent, and be transformed by the renewing of their minds.

Not everyone will immediately be transformed so that they will stop having any desire for sin. As with fits of anger, jealousy, gossiping, and depression, all of us have struggles that we need to overcome through faith in God by his word to renew our minds unto transformation.

Transformation will come when we don't shrink back but instead have faith unto salvation.

Encourage your brothers that they are new creations and their desires and passions will be transformed by the promise of God's word. Do not compromise on God's word because this displeases God and we will all have to face God's judgment. You know what is right and wrong through the scripture. Study it and live by it.

What about gay marriage? Where should Christians stand on gay marriage?

It is the same as what Paul taught us by the revelation of Jesus Christ.

If we are not dealing with someone in the church who confesses Christ, then we should not judge them. Their lifestyle is their choice. We cannot change behavior and expect transformation. Transformation starts with repentance. Whether or not the government says they are married is simply man's definition of marriage. Either way, the problem is the same. The people need Jesus.

Our mission is clear. Preach the good news. Share your testimony. Pray for the sick. Disciple the nations to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the only answer for our nation.

Let us have the reputation of caring for the lost and poor.

Let us be known for our love for each other.

Let us make our stand on the one who means everything.

Jesus the Christ

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