Teaching Tips~ Classroom Management (Elementary School)

The most important skill you can have to really see your students improve is classroom management.

Here are 5 tricks to keep your class in order (Elementary School).

1- Classroom Rules

Give three basic classroom rules that explain what they can and cannot do in class. One should be about when they are allowed to speak. One should be about their posture. One should be about their enjoyment. As an English teacher, here are my three classroom rules: English Only, Sit Nicely, Have Fun!

2- Punishment

Right away you will notice your students start breaking your classroom rules. You must be especially strict on the rules right from the start or they will break the rules the whole class. When you explain the rules, you must also explain the punishment for breaking the rules. A warning should be given, then a very minor punishment, followed by a major punishment. Here are my disciplinary actions: Warning, Minus Points, Written Work.

3- Following Instructions

You must constantly give directions to your students, but not all will be so quick to follow them or some might even by distracted. Do not carry on with your class until every students first obeys your instruction. Make teams and give points to the team who can follow your instructions first and encourage them to help their teammate follow the instructions, too. If you don't wait until they all follow the instructions, your class will start falling into chaos.

4- Dramatic Shock

When your class is out of control, the best way to put it in control is with a dramatic event. Anything to shock the students and create the relief of dead silence. Some examples include: Turning off the lights, Clapping your hands, Whistling, Quick Holler, Singing and Dancing! Once you get that dead silence you're looking for, quickly give instructions and take notice of the first person who breaks the silence. You must give a punishment for that person if you want to keep order in the classroom. Note: Do not overuse this dramatic event because once the students get used to it, they will no longer respond in the same way.

5- Fun

Your students want something just as you do. You want order in the classroom. They want to have fun. If you are only managing the students and not creating space for fun, you will always be working against your students. Provide opportunity for them to have fun within your rules and you will work with your students to make a fun atmosphere for everyone. Practically, you can use following your rules as a type of game before you play your actual games. Whoever turns to page 10, sits nicely, and touches their nose is the winner!

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