Teaching Tips~ Classroom Management (Junior High School)

Junior High School is full of awkward, insecure, self-conscious young adolescents who are longing for acceptance and freedom.

It may seem like a rebellious age, but I want to give you some practical advice for how to see your classroom transformed.

1- Be Strong

Students will like you more when you relax on your rules and give in to their demands, but that will not bring transformation to your classroom. What students are really looking for is a strong teacher who knows how to tell them 'No' in a loving way. Stay strict on your rules, but do not force them on your students. Give the reasons for them and show them how each is given in love to benefit them.

2- Hear their Voices

Listen to their feedback on your rules and assignments. Let them try to argue and fight back. They are at the natural stage to step out onto their own and become their own person. Give them room to express their ideas, but in the end, you must make the final decisions about your classroom.

3- Let Go

Some students will argue with you and disobey your rules no matter how you try to convince them. Don't give in to their demands. You are the authority in class. If no other punishment works, then let them leave the class completely and call their parents. In the end, it is their parents who will be able to discipline them when they get to such a serious level. Some of these students will leave your class, but those who stay will be changed over time.

4- Consistency

Students will constantly be demanding for you to give in just a little to their demands. If you give in just slightly, they will ask for more. Work through all the material of your books and assignments completely. Don't slacken or skip anything. Be consistent in this area and they will understand they have to finish if they want to take a break or do something fun.

5- Love

This is the most important for Junior High Students. When they really believe you love them, they will respect you more. Tell them and show them that you love them. Find some jokes, music, or videos they like and show them as an extra bonus in class. Bring food and treats to share with them. Show them you don't just want them to get through the material, but you actually want to see them grow as a person.

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