Teaching Tips~ Sing and Dance

The best way to get your students laughing is through song and dance.

Here are some easy ways to get your students having fun in the classroom.

1- Sing before Dance

Before you can teach any dance movements, you must teach them how to sing the words first. If they are able, have them read before they sing. Make sure they are familiar with the words or else they will only dance instead of singing and dancing together.

2- Teacher First

When teaching the melody or the dance, have them watch you first. Don't let them sing along at this point. That will distract other students and they will not hear you clearly. You want them to learn from your voice and accent, not from other students in the class who are not as proficient as you are. Show them what you expect from them so they can imitate you later and look like the superstar you're looking for.

3- Rule of 3

Don't form a dance based on every word in the song. Think about two or three major movements for each line in the song. If the song lyric says: "Hickory dickory dock, the mouse went up the clock", you can do three movements. The first (Hickory, dickory, dock...) could be putting your hands on your hips and swaying them back and forth. The second (the mouse went...) could be using your hands to make whiskers like a mouse. The last (up the clock) could be jumping with your legs spread wide and pointing straight up to the sky.

4- Go Big

You must over exaggerate your simple movements so the students will know what to do. You also must encourage and reward students with big movements so that the rest of the class will also perform big movements, too. The more exaggerated the movements, the better the dance will look to the audience and the more fun it will be!

5- Standing Positions

Make markings on the floor where the students should stand. Clean, neat rows will do a lot to polish your dance and make it look professional. The more familiar the students are with the dance, the more they will be able to sing loudly and you will have a wonderful performance to show their parents.

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