Crossroads 2

The first blog I wrote is titled Crossroads.

I wrote it 7 years ago.

That was when I was deciding if I should go to graduate school or return to China for a second time.

I remember being in the backyard of our college house and looking up into the starry sky.

I had a feeling come over me that something big was about to happen.

Faith that everything could change in an instant and my destiny would be discovered.

I enjoyed that time, living in community with other guys and trying to follow Jesus.

Sometimes we come to that fork in the road where you have to make a decision to turn left or turn right.

Ultimately, I flipped a coin (asking God to speak through the coin) and literally made my decision like that.

7 years later, I am at another crossroads, but in more ways than one.

Every moment of every day is a crossroads for all of us.

We must deliberately choose to follow our own selfish desires or to follow the Kingdom of light in both our thoughts and actions.

I have not considered flipping a coin to make this decision.

I can say I have grown a lot since that time.

I have faith that I can hear God's voice in this area as I wait for confirmations.

And perhaps most of all, I have learned to share who I really am.

It is a dark image without the blood of Jesus, but thanks be to God who applies the sacrificial anointed blood of Christ to us through faith.

I was broken, but now I'm free.

And you can look all you want at my life for I will still declare the truth.

I am a new creation in Christ and all things have become new!

Bless God forever!


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