門徒訓練根本 Discipleship Essentials~ Your Role In The Family 你的角色在家庭中

What does it mean to practically follow Jesus in our relationships?

Children to Parents

Obey your parents in the Lord. Honor your parents in as much as they follow the Lord, but do not obey them when their instruction contradicts the Lord's commands and principles.

Fathers to Children

Discipline and instruct your children in the Lord. Do not provoke them to anger by pushing your own will on them instead of allowing the Lord's will to shape them.

Husbands to Wives

Love your wife as your own body in the same degree that Christ loved the church and died for us. Nourish and cherish your wife as to make her holy and without blemish to be presented to Christ. Seek to understand your wife and show honor to her as to protect her as your fellow heir of the grace of life.

Wives to Husbands

Submit to your loving husband as he loves you as his own body only as is fitting in the Lord. Do not submit to anything that goes against the clear will and principles of God. Be respectful with pure conduct that you may win your husbands to the truth without even speaking a word.

Relatives to Relatives

Provide for each others needs. Anyone who does not provide for his relatives, especially his own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

Christians to Everyone

As you have any opportunity, use it to do good for everyone, and especially so with your Christian brothers and sisters. Do not grow weary in doing good, but persevere and you will receive a reward for your labor.

Christians to Spiritual Leaders

Pray for your leaders so they will act honorably with a clear conscience. Obey their instructions in the Lord and submit to them with joy because they are keeping watch over your souls.

Christians to God

In all these relationships, there is a trump card. You follow, serve, and obey as long as it is in the Lord. Our first and primary duty is always to God. Love God by following his commandments. Follow his commandments by loving people. We love God by loving others and vice versa. This is Jesus command to us. That we love our brother as Jesus loved us.

If you want to make a hierarchy, then this would be the basic principle:

God is always first.

Jesus said you have to hate everyone else by comparison to be his disciple. We seek first God's kingdom and his righteousness for everything else to be added to us. We only worship God and seek to please him before all others.

Loving your family (which includes your biological as well as your spiritual family) is intimately connected to loving God.

If you have a disagreement between following unbelieving members of your biological family and following your spiritual family, then your spiritual family comes first.

An example would be whether to attend and serve in a conference or attend a family party. In these rare circumstances, you should serve your spiritual family.

Even Jesus put his spiritual family above his mother and brothers, saying his true mother and brother and sister are those who hear the word of God and obey.

We can see here that our spiritual family is elevated to the same level as our biological family.

In most cases, however, you can simultaneously love both your biological and spiritual family together.

Your family, on mission together, seeks the well-being of strangers and those in need (including physical and spiritual needs).

In all these relationships, we always put the needs of others before our own needs. We do not seek to gain our own life, but we are willing to lose it for the sake of the kingdom. It is God who sees us and provides richly our inheritance and rewards.

Glory be to God forever!


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