Flipped Inside Out (A Novel Snapshot)

It's hard to describe this world to anyone who hasn't experienced it firsthand.

If you are one of those people who live in a world where your inside passions, desires, and pains can remain hidden inside, then you probably won't be able to understand what I say.

That's because this world is so foreign to anything you can imagine.

It all changed the day everything flipped inside out.

It was a single scientist who flipped a single switch and just like that, every hidden thought and dream became visible to the world around us.

I heard that there once was a saying not to judge a book by its cover, but if there was, it doesn't make sense anymore.

Everyone you look at displays a movie for all to see. Even book covers accurately display the contents within them. It's a world where everyone wears their emotions on their sleeves.

You might be imagining a world where no one has to lie anymore, and that is true, but you probably don't understand how dangerous it is to live in a world like this.

No longer held back by a need to be liked by others, people have fully become the darkness within them. That single scientist with her single switch turned the world into a nightmare.

But not everyone became such ruthless destroyers of any good left in the world.

There was a remnant that kept themselves pure. They kept their eye single by only looking on things that were pure and of good report. They fought the good fight against the forces of darkness. They overcame.

They are the people of light. They are true and their words are true. They walk in the light and no evil can touch them. They are poison to those devils and they seek to reclaim the world for the Master of light.

It was this Master who brought the light in the first place. Anyone who was willing was set free as long as they continued being filled with the Master's light. They were being prepared for a time such as this, when the world's evil would be revealed on a full scale and the fight against darkness would reach its climax.

The Master of light set me free. He gave me purpose and mission. It's time to fight back, not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities of darkness pervading the minds of the people.

The Master has given us the light from his very mouth. His words are the light we carry into the battle.

It's not over, but I have to finish this message before it's too late.

Maybe you live in a world with false peace and false harmony. You may think you can get away with the darkness inside of you, tricking those around you, but I must tell you what's real.

You are not hidden before the Master of light. He sees all and knows all. And he is seeking those who will receive the light and walk in purity and singleness in the fight against darkness.

If you're in that kind of world, then listen to me now.

Find the light. Expel the darkness. And never, ever, take your eyes off the Master.

May the Master's light forever shine in your hearts.

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