The Perfectionists

We care more than others, even though we are accused of not caring enough.

We work harder than others, although most people will never know it.

We think differently than others, though it often alienates us from them.

We want to do what is right all the time, but we sometimes get blamed for our decisions.

We can't stand what is messy or wasteful, and it makes us seem as perpetrators of conflict.

We won't feel peace until we voice what we believe, which tends to hurt in ways we never expected.

We regret every mistake, even finding it difficult to receive forgiveness for them.

We strive to meet self-set goals, never seeking others' approval to feel successful.

We are faithful in everything we're convinced is true, so it's vital we are mutually understood.

We are the backbones of entities as those who are never satisfied staying in place.

We are thinkers. We are doers. We are achievers. We are pursuers.

We seek answers to questions; solutions to problems; alternatives to dead-ends; patterns to predicaments.

We are more than just tidy and predictable or freaks and geeks.

We are rare.

We are kind.

We are perfectionists.

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