Blue, Green and Orange Powers (A Dream)

Suddenly there were two monsters entering into the gym as students were running away in all directions.

The recently self discovered Blue Hero was there to defend the students, but his web shooters weren't working properly.

He jumped around defending himself and looking for an attack against the two enemies.

One was a mechanical monster that had long metal tentacle-like arms and the second was a large man with a living afro that could capture students.

Seemingly without an option to attack, Blue Hero finally had an opening when he found himself in close contact with the mechanical monster.

He closed his hands around the metal tentacles as they were all bound together in blue webs.

Then he clenched the afro and all of the living hair particles were also bound together.


Another villain appeared who controls tiny green energy balls to attack, melt and eliminate anything- none other than Green Nemesis.

Green Nemesis took a group of people hostage in a classroom.

One of the hostages was another hero who has a similar (though mostly defensive) power except it's orange in color.

As hostages were being taken out of the room one by one, the Orange Hero decided to fight back.

He stood his ground against Green Nemesis who immediately unleashed his power.

Orange Hero evaded the attack in the small space and quickly escaped to the outside.

That's when Green Nemesis sent out hundreds of tiny green energy balls at Orange Hero who took heavy damage, but used his power to nullify the energy balls by swiping them with his hands.

Green Nemesis increased his attack, turning hundreds of tiny green energy balls into millions of tiny green energy balls.

Orange Hero was learning more of his power, though, and was able to defend even more of the tiny green energy balls.

Green Nemesis was relentless, but Orange Hero, growing further in his power, started to shoot back at him and there was an epic confrontation.

This angered the more powerful Green Nemesis and he released a wave of green that both covered and pinned Orange Hero to the ground in a tiny space.

Green Nemesis was getting ready to eliminate Orange Hero completely when a mosquito plunged its proboscis into that small hole and the trapped hero was sucked out.

The mosquito spit him out on the other side of the world where his mom and Blue Hero (who is actually Orange Hero's brother) were sitting together on the mountainside regrouping.

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