The Lord knows I'm not perfect, though I do try.

And sometimes I think I have it all figured out at that moment when I get a new revelation of things, but then my own selfish desires overpower me and I find myself steeped in the tangles of sin once again.

You feel you've conquered a weakness in your soul and suddenly it flares up out of nowhere... a last flickering flame finding a small trace of oxygen and igniting into a consuming fire.

But what's left to do after falling except to get up again.

I have nowhere else to go... there's no place the demons can offer that could be greater than where I'm already seated in the spirit.

I don't feel worthy.

I feel dirty and defeated.

But I've heard that God is faithful to deliver such sinners as I.

I've heard he is willing to forgive and clean us up from our own filth.

I've heard he is able to impart his life into ours, so that we can stand in the face of the next trial.

If that is the God who made me, then I still have a chance to be made right in this life.

There is hope with that kind of God.

And if I try in my own strength and fail, then perhaps I need to use his strength to succeed.

And where could boasting be at that point?

It is no more, but glory to God who gets all the credit, since it's only his grace working in me that I can do any good in this life.


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