Simple Gospel Presentation 簡單介紹福音

Have you ever dropped your phone on the ground and cracked the screen or realized you splashed food on your shirt while you were eating?

When we buy our clothing and technology, we will spend a small fortune if we know it's of excellent quality. Over time, however, all of us know that our things will get dirty. It's only a matter of time before we get that first dent or scratch.

No matter how hard we try in this life to do the right things, we always end up making mistakes, offending others, and feeling inadequate and exhausted. The deepest stains and cracks can only be fixed by the God who made us in the beginning.

God created us good just as he is good. He created us to always be good in relationship with him. However, we have sinned, intentionally and unintentionally and if we are really honest, we know we are broken people.

But thank God that he came into human history as a man, Jesus Christ, to show us how to live. Thank God that Jesus was willing to take on our filth and brokenness, yes even becoming sin on the cross when he died for the sins of the world. And thank God that he rose again three days later in victory over death, totally clean from any of the effects of sin.

Jesus wants to forgive us and cleanse us, but we must accept his sacrifice for us. We have to choose to believe in him and him alone for our forgiveness and restoration. Jesus gives us a new life when we make him our Lord and follow him wholeheartedly.

Praise God alone who is good. Glory to our blessed creator, now and forevermore. Amen.

Green 綠色
We were created good, just like the clothes and technology we buy.

Black 黑色
We sin and become dirty. Our shirts get stained. Our technology breaks.

Red 紅色
Jesus became our filth and brokenness and died on the cross for our sins.

White 白色
Jesus defeated death and rose again totally clean.

Yellow 黃色
We are forgiven and cleansed (new and fixed) when we believe in Jesus alone.

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