Killing the giant of Fear (A Dream)

I'm a prisoner to a giant because of what I've done.

That giant is fear.

But I have a plan to kill that giant. I know his weakness. It's his gut. And I have the spear that can take down my biggest fear.

I run with all my might at that giant. I can see him towering over the world in the great sea. The giant is mocking all his prisoners, oblivious to me.

But I know his weakness, and so I continue running towards him until I'm within throwing range. Releasing the spear, it drives right into his overweight gut, splitting into the giant and tearing him apart.

As soon as the spear leaves my hand and I see it hit its mark, I backtrack away in fear, running with the same velocity. Once out of sight of the giant, I encounter someone who adamantly tells me that I didn't kill that giant with my own strength. Moving on from there, I encounter another who tells me the same thing.

At that moment, I know the truth. I did kill the giant by myself. Those two tried to conspire against me, but two conspirators could never convince me otherwise. There's only one problem.

The giant is alive.

I'm not sure how I know, but I'm as sure of it as I am that I killed him.

The giant is alive.

More than that, he's coming after me. I need to get away, so I take my scooter, but because there's too much panic to get on it and start it, I push it (this is the fastest way to start moving, but it's not the fastest way to move).

As I'm furiously pushing the scooter, I realize something that seems incredibly urgent. I forgot my money. I need to go back, but there's no time. I have another option, though. The monorail.

I hastily get inside the monorail hovering above the city and speed back to get my money. That's when the giant appears out of the great sea, coming after me as I try to escape in the monorail.

I dare not look back. The fear is too real. He's right behind me. I can feel him.


It's the fear of losing what is mine. And in my fear and failure, I learned this truth:

You don't kill the giant of fear with a sneak attack to the gut and a hasty escape.

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