Amphibians Game (Classroom Edition)

Players- 3 Teams

Playing time- 10 minutes

Type- Dice Strategy Game

Age- Elementary School

Need- Dice, Magnets, 2 Pictures (Tadpole and Frog Legs)

Object- Attach Frog Legs to Tadpole

Learning time- 3 minutes

How to play:

1) Draw the game board and set up the pieces. One team is blue (2 magnets), one team is green (2 magnets) and the teacher is the tadpole in the center. The order is as follows: Team 1, teacher, team 2, teacher, team 1, teacher, etc.

2) Team one rolls the dice and tries to reach either the tadpole or the frog legs.

3) The teacher always moves 3 spaces and tries to evade both teams.

4) To win, one of your magnets must retrieve the tadpole while the other retrieves the frog legs. Then they must meet together.

* If you had the tadpole or frog legs, but the other team takes it from you, you must move back to your starting position.

5) Assemble the "frog" to win!

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