Battle Game (Classroom Edition)

Players- 2 Teams

Playing time- 10 minutes

Type- Sticky Ball

Age- Elementary School

Need- Sticky Ball

Object- Destroy Base

Learning time- 1 minute

How to play:

1) Draw the game board. The two large drones at the left and right are each team's base. The 500 point value is the life bar of your base.

2) Throw the sticky ball at one of 4 pictures (L.5, L.10, L.15, or L.20).

* You must wait until you hit all 4 of these pictures before you can throw L.100.

* If you hit a team base, that base loses 1 point (even if it's your own base).

3) Once you hit a picture, you accumulate that weapon. Therefore, anytime you hit a different picture, you add your accumulated weapons together.

* For example, if you hit L.15 on your first round, the other team loses 15 points. If you hit L.10 on your second round, the other team loses 25 points (L.15 + L.10 = 25).

* Hitting all 4 levels plus L.100 give you a maximum attack of 150. After this, you can hit the L.5 continually for a 150 point attack every time.

4) Throw until the opposite base is at 0 or below.

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