Bee Game (Classroom Edition)

Players- 2 Teams

Playing time- 10 minutes

Type- Dice Board Game

Age- Elementary School

Need- Dice, Sticky Ball, 6 Bee Pictures

Object- Take Pollen back to Hive

Learning time- 3 minutes

How to play:

1) Draw the game board and set up the pieces.

2) Roll the dice and move toward the flower in the center. Note the following spaces:

+2: Move forward 2 spaces

Tornado: Go back to start and lose pollen (if you have pollen)

--> -2: Opposite team must move 2 spaces in a disadvantageous direction

Turn Around Arrow: Move in the opposite direction

-1: Go back 1 space

Flower Petals: Play paper, scissor, stone with the teacher. If you win, you can switch to the bee with pollen. If you lose, you must continue circling the flower until you can beat the teacher.

3) Retrieve the pollen (indicated by the picture of a flying bee with pollen) and return to your beehive.

* Once you have the pollen, the other team not only rolls the dice, but also throws the sticky ball to try to hit your pollen bee picture. If hit, you lose your pollen and go back to start.

* For a longer game, retrieving pollen once is 1 point. The most points wins.

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