DK Game (Classroom Edition)

Players- 2 Teams

Playing time- 10 minutes

Type- Sticky Ball

Age- Elementary School

Need- Sticky Ball, 5 Mario/DK Pictures (or substitutes)

Object- Mario reach DK; DK hit Mario 3 times

Learning time- 2 minutes

How to play:

1) Draw the game board and set up the pieces.

2) Mario rolls the dice to move and can move in any direction.

* If Mario enters the red DK circle, he wins.

3) DK throws the sticky ball at the red DK circle. If hit, move one barrel 3 spaces. On the second throw, move the first barrel 3 more spaces and an additional barrel 3 spaces. On the third throw, move each barrel 3 spaces.

* Barrels can only move in a downward direction. The first blue level moves from left to right. The second blue level moves from right to left. The last blue level moves from left to right. All barrels filter out at the last black square and return to the top (Mario is safe in his starting position).

* Mario has 3 lives. If DK hits Mario 3 times, he wins.

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