Hopping Game (Classroom Edition)

Players- 2 Player Co-op

Playing time- 1 minute each

Type- Active

Age- Elementary School

Need- Colored Rings (or substitutes)

Object- Fastest Time

Learning time- 1 minute

How to play:

1) Designate the course (usually from one wall of the classroom to the other and back again).

2) One student throws rings for the other.

3) The second student can only step on the tiles with a ring on them.

4) Hop through the course in the shortest time.

5) Switch. The student who hopped now throws and the student who threw now hops.

* For a more complicated version, add the special abilities to the different colors of rings (see the picture for a clearer understanding):

Blue: Can step on the tile in front of and behind it.

Yellow: Can step on the tile to the left and right of it.

Green: Can step on the tiles in a diagonal direction of your choice.
*For example, behind and to the left, and in front and to the right.

Red: Can step on the tiles in front, behind, to the left and to the right (cross pattern).

* You can limit the number of tiles you can hop over for safety. Hopping over 3 tiles is a good maximum.

Get a hoppin'!

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