Spiderman Game (Classroom Edition)

Players- 2 Teams

Playing time- 10 minutes

Type- Sticky Ball

Age- Elementary School

Need- 1 Sticky Ball, 6 Spiderman Pictures (or substitutes)

Object- Save Mary Jane

Learning time- 1 minute

How to play:

1) Draw the game board and set up the pieces (each team chooses either red or black Spiderman)

2) In succession, throw the sticky ball at the red square of the building next to you.

* To make it easier, draw an additional circle around the squares. If they miss the square but hit the larger circle, they can play paper, scissor, stone with the teacher to advance.

3) Swing from building to building as you hit each square (no skipping buildings).

4) Hit the Green Goblin square to throw a bomb at the other team. If hit, you must go back one square (one building).

* If you hit one of the Spidermen directly, they must return to the start position.

5) The first one to reach Mary Jane is the winner.

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