Strive (2 Player Card Game)

Images created by: Hoyar Games
Players- 2

Playing time- 10 minutes

Type- Strategy Game

Age- 7+

Need- 2 Decks of Cards

Object- 7 points

Learning time- 1 minute

How to play:

1) Place two decks next to each other.

2) In turn, each player places one card on the game board.

* Each card must be touching one of your own cards (or a flipped card).
* Each card must be within 3 spaces of your opponent's card or deck (only counting horizontal and vertical spaces!)

3) Make the following formations to score 1 point:

Farm- Block of 4 cards
Soldier- Line of 4 cards (horizontal or vertical)
Athlete- 2 cards surrounding opponent's card

4) Flip over the cards that form 1 point and play one more card on the game board.

5) If you guess the last card played by your opponent, you can cover it with your own card.

* You cannot guess the card if it forms a point, but you can guess the next card played.
* If you cover your opponent's card, you cannot play another card. That is your turn.
* If you guess incorrectly, you can still play another card on the game board.
* You can guess a card that has been placed over your card (and so on until one of you guesses incorrectly).

6) Score 7 points to win!

Here's an example:

Player 2 can play their first card above, next to or below their deck.

Keep playing cards until you score a point. Player 2 made a farm!

Player 2 gets 1 point. Flip over the farm cards and play 1 more card.

Player 1 made a soldier!

Player 1 gets 1 point. Flip over the soldier cards and play one more card.

Player 1 made an athlete!

That's 1 more point for player 1! Flip over the athlete cards and play one more card.

Player 2 wants to guess player 1's last card. He guesses spades...

And he guessed correctly! Now Player 2 plays a card on top of player 1's card.

Now it's player 1's turn. Keep playing until one player scores 7 points.

Now you know how to play.

Grab a friend and give it a try!

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