The Estate (A Dream)

We left after the fish died.

It was me and my friend Eric. That's when we first visited the estate and saw the horses.

We discovered the horses had no owner, although there was a tenant who lived on the estate.

Actually, there were three who lived there: two sisters and a brother.

I decided to stay in that house so I could care for the horses. Their neglect was really getting to me, so I called in another friend to help me strike a deal with the tenant to buy the entire property, with the horses included. I would have done so myself, but the tenant didn't speak my language.

I had no idea this translator had his own history with the estate. It happened a long time ago. This mysterious owner took a bullet from the translator, which caused memory loss.

If that owner decided to come back and see the translator again, it could bring those lost memories to the surface and I have no doubt the owner would kill the translator.

I was too curious to let it go, so before we could start bargaining for the estate, I listened to the translator share the details of what happened.

The story began when they were in high school. The owner was chasing him one day, as he often did, and they were weaving in and out of the streets, both frantic to push past classmates and old car models.

The translator just wanted to get away, scared for his life, as he put it, but because the owner chased him farther and farther through town, they couldn't even to go to class that day.

The chase continued until...

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